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“Laser” has its expertise in designing and making meeting rooms, Board rooms, Conference rooms, Training Rooms, Hitech home theatre systems, Network operating centres, Mini theatres , Pubs, cafeterias etc. The high-tech AV integrated rooms helps improve the quality of communication and gives you better control over all the electronic devices installed in the room. We not only have our expertise in “ AV-Integration” but also in taking the turnkey projects where we design the interiors and then give Audio, Video, Voice, Data and CCTV security Solutions.

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    Our Surveillance solutions are been used for commercial applications that require recording with one or more network IP cameras or traditional analog CCTV cameras connected to a surveillance computer. Our Surveillance Products are the best security solution for both commercial and private sectors. IP-Surveillance is the ultimate solution for a high performance and economical digital Video Surveillance and monitoring. We offer end-to-end video surveillance solutions from conventional analog camera based solutions to high-end IP camera based surveillance. Solutions Learn More
  2. Processor based touch panel control system

    Processor based touch panel control system

    Crestron touch panel control systems for business applications Boardrooms Conference rooms Training centers Digital signage Classrooms Auditoriums Enterprise-wide control Crestron Touch Panel Solutions Audio-Visual Control An intuitive touch panel that offers integrated control of any DVD player, projector, VCR and document camera. With a touch of a button the equipment can be turned on, the right settings can be selected and the media will be displayed automatically. Presentation Tools We offer presentation tools to make multi-media presentations and meetings simpler and professional. Video preview for teleconferencing and camera controls are built in our touch panels for the ease of the user. An electronic whiteboard inside the touch panel is capable of live annotation over any computer or video source which can be displayed on a plasma or projector; and you can display multiple, scalable video windows on a single plasma or projector. Remote Management The needs of facility managers and IT directors seeking to monitor and manage a variety of technologies over a single network can be resolved with latest technology. Whether it's a single room or the entire building, across a campus or a global network, Crestron solutions centralize control of audio and video devices, security cameras, lighting and HVAC. Drapes, Shades and Screens Can't see the presentation because there's a glare from the window? No need to interrupt your presentation to find the wall switch to lower the shade, with Crestron drapes, shades and projector screens are all controlled automatically from the touch panel. Lighting Control Set dynamic lighting scenes room by room, zone by zone or throughout a facility. One simple button press can accent architectural features, create helpful task lighting, enhance videoconferencing and more. Crestron brings the most comprehensive line of user-interfaces to commercial lighting and dimming control, plus the ability to remotely monitor, manage and control buildings over standard IP networks. Climate Control Temperature settings can be automatically adjusted based on time of day or room usage. The room gets a little warm after the projector runs for a while or the room gets full, change the settings right from your touch panel. Crestron has evolved far beyond the touch panel and control system, becoming the definitive source for centrally and globally controlling, managing and presenting information. Control and automate the lights, drapes, screens, thermostats and AV equipment—all from an intuitive easy-to-use touch panel, remote or custom keypad. Let Crestron take control of the technology so you can focus on your meetings. Laser Telesystems P. Lts is Crestron Dealer and Authorized Program Developer. Our in-house Crestron-certified programmers and factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support audio visual projects across the country and around the world. Learn More
  3. Telepresence


    Telepresence gives a new dimension to communication by providing a ‘same room’ quality experience to board meetings, employee interviews, project reviews, over seas interactions and thus reducing the cost of time and travel of the executive that is associated with heavy cost involvement. It enables a perfect eye to eye contact thus offering a realistic 3D view. Meetings across multiple locations can be conducted at efficient cost. It also allows exchange of media files and crucial data as a benefit over conventional audio video solutions. Learn More
  4. Call Center Solution with Full IP and Expandable Office Communication System

    Call Center Solution with Full IP and Expandable Office Communication System

    Packed with Call Center Features Whatever the size of your company, efficient and courteous handling of telephone calls is a major factor to successful business. Panasonic provides multiple solutions for small to medium call center, to help control and make use of the limited resources that may be available. The following call center features are integrated into the system so that, together with built-in Communication Assistant desktop productivity applications, it can solve most informal call center business needs as follows, • Intelligent and Automated Call Routing • Flexible Routing to Distribution Groups • VIP Call Routing • Automated Attendant • Call Queue with Waiting Messages • Walking Extensions (“Hot Desking”) • Supervisor Call Queue Monitoring Supervisor Level Monitoring and Reporting Furthermore, the solutions can be expanded to suit more sophisticated call centers in combination with CTI software solutions available in the market. Learn More
  5. Hightech homes with Lighting Contro

    Hightech homes with Lighting Contro

    Outside lights can deter unwanted trespassers while inside lights can help house guests or a sleepy child navigate their way in the middle of the night. When you have a lighting control system you can conveniently control all your lights or a series of lights throughout your home with a simple touch of a button. A properly designed lighting control system saves energy, simplifies your life and provides security to you and your loved ones. Learn More
  6. Interactive Training Rooms

    Interactive Training Rooms

    The following equipments can ensure a better training experience: Projector with screen Interactive white board Interactive Slate Touch panel display Multi display with multiple inputs Video Conferencing Audio Video Set up Touch Panel control system for better controlling of lighting and electronic equipments within the room. Learn More
  7. Multimedia class rooms

    Multimedia class rooms

    Fixed data/video projection PC Overhead projector Internet connectivity at instructor station Wireless network access Audio input AV control system Laptop connection with audio in Standard video input devices (VCR and DVD) Interactive White Boards Solutions Learn More
  8. TV-Studio Displays

    TV-Studio Displays

    With flexibility of add on cards giving multiple inputs and deriving desired outputs professional displays are in a huge demand for studio activites. Learn More
  9. Data or Video Walls

    Data or Video Walls

    Command and control rooms are designed to meet the need to monitor multiple information to be shared and interacted simultaneously among the control room managers. These models are designed for powerful multi screen computing, management such as general use, demanding military observation and monitoring, stock trading, newsroom, surveillance, video conferencing and operation centers. Learn More
  10. Motorized Lifts

    Motorized Lifts

    We are remarkable enterprise, involved in offering superior quality Motorized Projector Lift. Features: • Supreme finish • Rugged design • Easy to use Uses: • Offices • Colleges • Schools Learn More

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