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Founded in 1986 by Mr. Ravindra Prabhudesai and his father Late Mr. Vamanrao Prabhudesai, Pitambari today caters to more than 3 million customers. Starting with a single product, namely, Shining Powder, whose success encouraged them to expand their business, Pitambari is today a spices – to – soap & Ayurveda – to – manure producer. Mr Ravindra Prabhudesai and his father Mr. Vamanrao Prabhudesai perceived the idea of Pitambari in their backyard and over the past 25 years the company has spread pan India and to other countries around the globe.

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  1. Baby Care Products

    VBMO 200ml, Kanthavati 15 Pills (2 Pcs), Pancharas 100gm, Janamghuti 100ml

    This kit contains VBMO 200ml, Kanthavati 15 Pills (2 Pcs), Pancharas 100gm, Janamghuti 100ml Vasundhara Baby massage oil: Sesame oil based so rich in vit E and excellent anti oxidants • Contains almond oil, walnut oil, Arjun saal, Musta and pimpal lakh nourish bones, ligaments, muscles and make them strong. • Useful in skin disorders like allergens, fungal infections and nappy rashes • Complete oil for baby’s soft skin, healthy glow and strong bones. • Free from paraben , mineral oil and lanolin oil • No side effects Kanthavati pills:- 100% herbal • Useful in a Sore throat, Hoarseness of voice, dry Cough and cold, recurrent throat infection. • Yastimadhu Ghan, Khadir, Peppermint Oil, Karpoor, Ela, Lavang, Kankol, Javitri,Madhu are key ingredients • Reduce throat infection, reduces a sore throat, dry cough. • Yeshtimadhu and Khadir improve the quality of voice. • No side effect Pancharas pouch: – Natural/ Herbal Mouth Freshener without supari. Free from betel nut • 100% use of high-quality herbal ingredients. • Keeps the user free from lethargy & makes feel lighter & energetic all the time. • Refreshes the breath. • It aids to digestion by stimulating the 5 digestive juices and relieves constipation while improves appetite. • Pancharas stimulates secretion of Mukha Ras (Salivary secretion), Swadu Ras(Pancreatic juices), Pitta Ras (Billiary juices), Jathar Ras ( Gastric juices) & Aantra Ras ( Intestinal juices) and hence it is known as Pancharas which helps for digestion. Sumangal Ghuti:- Ancient ayurvedic formulation contains blend of unique herbs • All in one remedy for pediatric age group ( infants to two years ) • Improve digestion, protect from recurrent infection, improve weight gain, improve immunity, reduce irritation & induce sound sleep. • Useful to pacify the symptoms during teething. • 21 herbs mixture • No side effects Dose: From 1 to 3 months 2.5 ml two times a day with water. Dose:From 3 to 2 years 5 ml two times a day with water. Learn More
  2. Ruchiyana Sambar Masala

    Ruchiyana Sambar Masala

    SAMBAR MASALA: • Traditional blend of 14 spices which gives aroma of typical south Indian Sambhar. • Perfect blend of spices and pulses like Chana Dal, Urad Dal imparts balance flavour of Sambhar. • Rich quality of whole spice used • The volatile oil of whole spice is kept intact to add Rich flavors to your dish. • Ruchiyana masalas contain pure Rich masalas without fillers • So requires lesser in use compare to other branded masalas. • No preservative, no color, no artificial flavor Categories : Foodcare Weight : 50g Learn More
  3. Ruchiyana Pavbhaji Masala

    Ruchiyana Pavbhaji Masala

    Pavbhaji is one of the most tempting dishes in Indian cuisine. Ruchiyana pav bhaji masala is a perfect blend of selective and pure spices which completes your dish with perfect taste, flavour and aroma. Pav Bhaji Masala is added in famous dish i.e. pav bhaji, masala pav dish, dabeli etc. Ingredients: Whole Red Chili, Coriender Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Dry mango Powder, Black Pepper, Cassia Leaves, Fennel Seeds, Salt, Cinnamon, Cloves, Green Cardamom, Dry Ginger, Anistar, Triphala Seeds, Turmeric Powder Categories : Foodcare Weight : 50g Learn More
  4. Ruchiyana Turmeric Powder

    Ruchiyana Turmeric Powder

    SKU: N/A Turmeric is the boiled, dried, cleaned and polished rhizomes of Curcuma longa. The plant is a herbaceous perennial, 60-90 cm high, with a short stem and tufted leaf. The various varieties of Turmeric are majorly differentiated on the basis of the producing area in India where they are grown. Each variety has a peculiar color shade and flavor. In Pitambari, FSSAI standards are abided to attain quality and consistency in Turmeric powder. Turmeric powder made by salem variety is superior in quality, intensively colored and is aromatic in nature and completely unadulterated; Turmeric powder is free from mould, living or dead insects, rodent contamination. Moisture content of turmeric powder is not more than 5%. It has curcumin content in the range of 2.5%-3.0%. It adds better colour and taste to various dishes. Categories : Foodcare Weight : 100g, 200g, 1000g Learn More
  5. Agarbatti Pack of 10

    Agarbatti Pack of 10

    This pack of 10 agarbatti includes fragrances of Lavender 22g, Lily 22g, Mogra 22g, Rose 22g, Champa 22g, Sandal 22g, Parijat 22g, Violet 22g, Kewda 22g, Tuberose 22g. Categories:Agarbatti, Discount Offer : Get 25% off Learn More
  6. Ruchiyana Jaggery Dhep

    Ruchiyana Jaggery Dhep (No chemical)

    SKU: 425g Features of Ruchiyana Jaggery • Naturally processed (No chemicals). • Pure & Hygienic. • No Added Preservatives. • No added natural or artificial color, flavour. • No added artificial sweetener. • Natural Taste, Flavor & Aroma Categories : Foodcare Weight : 425g Learn More
  7. Ruchiyana Garam Masala

    Ruchiyana Garam Masala

    Ruchiyana Garam masala is blended with traditional Indian spices to make its application for multiple dishes like veg and nonveg curry, fried rice and egg curry. Ingredients: Coriander Seeds, Caraway Seeds, Bay Leaves, Cumin Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, Edible Vegetable Oil, Black Pepper, Cloves, Cinnamon, Black Cardamom, Nagkeshar, Stone Flower Garam Masala can be used in South Asian and Arabic cuisine. Categories : Foodcare Weight : 50g Learn More
  8. Saptashakti Sesame Oil

    Saptashakti Sesame Oil 1ltr& Get 20%Discount

    Sesame oil is extracted under low-temperature conditions using an expeller press in a process called cold pressing. This extraction method is popular among raw food adherents because it avoids exposing the oil to chemical solvents or high temperatures during extraction. Categories:Foodcare, Discount Tags:gingelly oil, Sesame oil, til oil Learn More
  9. Devbhakti Revati 4 in 1

    Devbhakti Revati 4 in 1

    SKU: FG0792 Revati 4 in 1:- White Champa, Aromatic Basil, Raatrani, Violet This Nakshatra Series of Revati 4in1 pack has pleasant fragrances like Lavender, Parijat, Lily and sandal. White Champa: – Devbhakti White Champa has a bright, fresh, fruity, floral aroma. It symbolizes the magic of the secret garden & having 5 petals resembling a star. It is one of the most enticing & captivating scents due to its uplifting & soul soothing qualities & ancient India believed it to be the “ the tree of Life” due to its healing capacity. The fragrance will instantly relieve stress & replenish the mind & body. Aromatic Basil: – An elite class of adaptogenic herbs prized for their ability to fundamentally restore balance & harmony in the mind, body & miraculous healing properties. Raatrani: – This natural fragrance of Raatrani smoke of the dried flower increases the spiritual healing. It has a calming, relaxing effect. Violet: – Devbhakti Violet Agarbatti has a natural fragrance that helps to induce the sleep & to calm the anger. Categories : Agarbatti Weight : 100 g Shipping Weight : 250g Learn More
  10. Devbhakti Krishnakamal Agarbatti

    Devbhakti Krishnakamal Agarbatti

    Devbhakti Krishnakamal Agarbatti :- The flower is complex, with the five sepals and petals similar in appearance, whitish in color, surmounted by a corona of blue or violet filaments, then five greenish-yellow stamens and three purple stigmas. Aromatherapy Benefits: – Krishnakamal is used traditionally as a calming herb for anxiety, insomnia, seizures, and hysteria. KrishnaKamal is best known for its relaxing and calming effects. It’s effective at supporting a balanced mood without harmful side effects. Learn More

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