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Pendrive Education Kit Marathi

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Pendrive Education Kit Marathi

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Vastushastra Education Research Foundation (VERF) popularly known as “Vasturaviraj” is the premiere institute of this nation providing complet ely scientific and highly extensive theoretical knowledge along with practical training in Vastushastra. With hundreds of case studies, project reports, assignments and complete comprehensive knowledge about remedial measures of non-structural demolition, this is a unique course.We at Vasturaviraj Group are constantly improving upon the existing system procedures simultaneously introducing new and innovating ideas
so as to fulfill aspirations of Clients, Students and Stake holders. The latest development in series is that we have decided to introduce Pen Drive based system for imparting Vastu Education which will enable students located at far-flung areas to learn Vastu Education at home with comfort and they need not undertake arduous travelling to reach a designated training center under normal scheme of imparting Vastu Training. The proposed Pen Drive based Vastu Education scheme has the same curriculum and it does not differ as regards contents of the traditional scheme. Vastu Education at Students doorstep has been the driving force behind the proposed scheme.


No. of lectures: In all 26 lectures. 20 lectures through Pen Drive b ased system and remaining 6 lectures which are dedicated to Remedies will be conducted at a designated Centre Region wise.This will be advised well in advance. Silent Features:- a. We are the first institute in the country to introduce pen-drive base education. b. The education can be acquired from the comfort of your house. c. Lectures will be on audio visual basis in Marathi or English (as per your choice). d.The entire course will consist of Theory and practical lectures which will be very very comprehensive. e. Detail practical education of remedies will be imparted with case studies. f.Every student can watch/hear lectures on his/her Laptop/Computer at your own leisure and learn complete Vastushastra. g. Course will contain 20 lectures on Audio visual basis and each lecture will comprise of about 3 hours duration. h. Remaining 4 lectures which are devoted to remedies will be administered through our in-house class room at Thane and Pune. i.The course fee is all inclusive and there will be no additional extra charges. j. The Pen-drive supplied to student is fully protected with inbuilt checks. k. Remedial lectures will be conducted by our Senior Vastu Experts under the supervision of Sir and Madam. l. At the end of the session students will have the freedom of meeting Sir/ Madam for any clarification, Guidance, Knowledge.

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