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At Denfab, our value system makes us an engineering firm dedicated to deliver results with precision and low turn-around time. We bring to the table domain, process and technological expertise that allows our clients to plan projects without restrictions of scale and worries about project lifecycle. Furthermore, we use our capabilities to find innovative solutions that resolve even the toughest of challenges and ensure we deliver on our commitment.Our accountability is our biggest strength and it makes our clients trust us. We also believe in going the mile for them

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  1. Finite Element Analysis

    Finite Element Analysis

    Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computer simulation technique used in engineering analysis. It uses a numerical technique called the finite element method (FEM). FEA is the solution to the task of predicting failure due to unknown stresses. It indicates problem areas in a material and allows designers to see all of the theoretical stresses within. It saves the manufacturing costs that would accrue if each sample was actually built and tested. Engineering equations for stress and deflection (as defined in the applicable code of design like ASME, PD5500 etc) are derived using a set of assumptions that must be true for the equation to be valid. Finite Element Analysis is also useful when Engineering equations do not apply. Learn More
  2. Static Equipment Engineering

    Static Equipment Engineering

    Denfab’s Pressure Equipment Group offers a wide range of mechanical engineering expertise for the design, independent design verification, analysis, re-rating, fitness for service assessments, and fabrication specifications of pressure vessels. High standards are maintained and supported by a Quality System certified ISO 9001:2000. Learn More
  3. Piping Engineering

    Piping Engineering

    Piping Detailing Services Preparation of Equipment Layout, Piping Layout, Plot Plans, Complete BOM Piping Isometric Generation Preparing Civil/Structural Information Drawings Preparing Material Specifications, Procurement Assistance Provides expertise in 3D modeling as well as Administration part Consulting for Tender / MR / RFQ preparation. Vendor document review & approval Piping Stress Analysis Linear Static Stress Analysis and Non-Linear Stress Analysis Dynamic Stress Analysis including: Earthquake/Seismic Analysis Natural Frequency Analysis Slug flow and Water Hammer Analysis Fatigue Analysis Analysis of Jacketed Piping Analysis of FRP/GRP lines Surge Analysis Finite Element Analysis Codes All Piping Stress Analysis services are performed and confirm to the requirements of International design codes, such as: ASME B31.1 ASME B31.4/ B31.8 UKOOA / BS 7159 ASME BPV / PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) EN13480 Learn More
  4. Structural Engineering

    Structural Engineering

    We support all phases of the structural engineering design process, right from design and modeling to analysis of pre-existing designs and construction documentation. With the demands for structural and civil engineering expected to soar in the next few years, we are ready with cutting-edge technology and software expertise. With experienced workforce, top-of-the-line infrastructure and bandwidth, we are sure to meet the demands of the civil engineering industry. We undertake conceptual, preliminary and detailed design projects in the areas of Structural Engineering design and analysis. While endeavoring to maintain international standards in quality, our structural engineering team of well-trained engineers and domain experts strives to reduce product design cycle time as well as ensure cost effectiveness. Learn More
  5. Boiler Engineering

    Boiler Engineering

    We have vast knowledge in the boiler engineering field. We designed boiler capacity up to 100 TPH and 75 Kg/cm2 Pressure. From Basic Engineering (Thermal Design)to Detail Engineering (Pressure Parts Design), calculations are done using our in-house computing program as per IBR, ASME Sec. 1 & BS. Learn More
  6. Thermal Designing

    Thermal Designing

    Our Designers have designed / rated: More than 560 heat exchangers starting from <5 m2 upto 7500 m2 Shell diameter form 6” pipe to approx. 2.5 meter Tube length upto 13.5 meter TEMA type covered BEM, AES, AET, AEU, AEW, BEP, AKU, DEU, CEU, AFU, NEN, BJ21S, BJ12U, CKU etc. Process exchangers like Coolers, Heaters, Condensers, Reboilers (including Thermosiphon), Falling Film, Hairpin, Doublepipe, Continuous Fin, Electric Heater etc. Learn More
  7. Plant Engineering

    Plant Engineering

    We put our years of accumulated experience in equipment and system design and detailing to integrate the plant in totality. We take complete functional responsibility for layout planning, designing, specifying, installing, modifying and maintaining plant facilities, systems and equipment. Our Plant Engineering team incorporates engineers experienced in the design and maintenance of industrial processing plants. Learn More

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