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The art of photography is all about subtlety. It is to look at the extraordinary nature of ordinary things, the shimmering glory, the pleasant vibrancy, the fantastical design of all matter. It is thus the ability to look at creation through the eternal eyes of god and with the pure enthusiasm of a small child. We at Qench production know a thing or two to keep the very essence of this art form of photography intact the way it is. We are exclusively into still photography, indoor /outdoor production set up, prop arrangements, Styling, and lights etc. we provide with A to Z of photography and related services. Our services come as nothing short of a boon for art buyers, producers, photographers and others who are in this field of work.Avadhut Hembade is a well-established advertising photographer from Mumbai. He began his career under the tutelage of his uncle and renowned photographer, the Late Vinod Hembade.. Over the years his appetizing food shots, impressive still-life and interior photography has turned many eager eyes into willing consumers.

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  1. Advertising Photography

    Advertising Photography

    The lowdown. Taking advertising photographs that are used to help describe and sell a product or idea. Taking editorial photographs that are used to illustrate and enhance a story or report, used widely in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, books and websites. Learn More
  2. Wedding Photography

    Wedding Photography

    Wedding Photographer Job Duties. In addition to taking photographs before, during and after wedding festivities, wedding photographers are also responsible for artistically composing the shots and processing the images, often on their own equipment. Learn More
  3. Jewellery Photography Diamond

    Jewellery Photography Diamond

    Product descriptions are an integral element to sell jewellery online successfully. We, at Spenta Digital, can help you create effective product descriptions for jewellery and a range of other products. ... Remember that product descriptions are only piece of selling jewelry online. Learn More
  4. Fashion Photography

    Fashion Photography

    Fashion photographers are responsible for how clothing is presented in advertising campaigns, catalogues and fashion magazines. They work closely with designers and fashion houses to ensure they are portraying the desired image for the brand. They work in studios or carry out shoots on location. Learn More
  5. Interior Photography

    Interior Photography

    Interior. Interior architectural photography can also be performed with ambient light transmitted through windows and skylights, as well as interior lighting fixtures. ... A feature of architectural photography is that the principal subjects rarely move. Learn More

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